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Twenty Minutes Ibiza is a local based, full production service, for the photography and film industry. Formerly known as Photomania Ibiza, it continues to provide you with all services and equipment you require for a smooth production.

By the way, 20 Minutes is the average time you need to get to almost any location…
With over 20 years experience, you will receive the best services to make your shoot in Ibiza a successful one. You can speak with us in fluent German, English and Spanish.


We scout locations to match your requirements and can find almost any type to suit your needs. Ibizas mix of traditional houses, modern villas, charming old town, beautiful beaches, lush countryside, rocks, white churches, and studios makes it possible to achieve a personalized proposal.


We work with professional rental houses which can help to fore-fill your rental needs.


We arrange the permits you require.


We work with professional people to help with your project.


We can source all required Props for your shoot.


We can organize a Hotel or a Villa for your stay. You decide which suits you best.


We organize airport transfers and the correct vehicles for your needs.

Crystal clear, blue and turquoise water of the mediterranean sea, stunning modern and traditional architecture, unspoiled nature, beautiful and soft light. This is Ibiza.

300 days of sunshine per year
up to 12 hours per day

6-8 hours from January to April
8-12 hours from May to September
5-6 hours from October to December

Mediterranean/subtropical climate.
Average temperatures…
28ºC summer… 15ºC winter.

Flora and Fauna.

Nov-April: Flowerful months.
Jan-Feb: Almond blossom. Green, yellow, white and dark orange ground.
March-April: Fruit trees and poppy blossom. Green, yellow, pink, rose and purple ground.
May-Oct: Ground mainly dry, cornfields, burnt orange.
June: Pink and purple bouganvilla, oleander in pink rose and white.

Please keep in mind that here we are showing you a small selection to give you an idea of what you could get in Ibiza. Houses are not fully shown due to privacy and protection. We are very happy to send you customized locations proposals at no charge.

Fritzi Trawnik

Founder & Production Manager
Twenty Minutes Ibiza S.L.
Apdo. de Correos 366
07850 San Carlos de Peralta
Ibiza, Spain
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Friederike Trawnik
ES B57874125
Agapito Llobet 1, 3º 3ª
@Jose Antonio Tur Ribas
07800 Ibiza, España

T +34 629 656 117
F +34 971 575 151
Please feel free to contact us for more information. Thank you!